PC (Un)Friendly…

Okay… the desires of the consumer have officially gone too far.  In our thirst for convenience, we demand that our computers do more of our thinking for us so that we don’t have to be smart enough to avoid downloading viruses.  Because we demand more and more entertainment, we want our movies to be playable in our portable computers.  Because of this capability, we then have people pirating films and putting them on the internet “as a public service” to “streamline” the whole process.  However, the Studios are not fans of this, so they need “solutions”…

Enter the multifarious wizards of smart.  To satsify the computer users, Microsoft adds all kinds of barriers and safety devices to discourage you from doing anything stupid… “Do you really want to _______?”, “Are you sure?”,  “Are you sure you are sure?”,  “C’mon, you can’t kid a kidder…”,  “For real?”, etc., etc., etc.  So after creating a completely unusable labrynth of mind numbing questions and seemingly intelligent programming checks, they turn out Windows Vista and push it as the best of the best in the operating system universe.  One of these safety checks is that Windows automatically blocks self-extracting software in an attempt to prevent viruses and trojans… sounds great, right?

To satisfy the entertainment hordes, the film studios have been spending cash out the wazoo to find anti-piracy programs so they can milk every single dollar from their various cash cows as is humanly possible.  While this has produced a number of significant and epic failures in the past (ie, BMG spending $5 million to develop a copy protection program that opens a back door to hackers on your computer and Sony spending $10 million to produce a protection layer that can be defeated with a $1 felt tip pen…), one of the latest efforts was slightly intriguing.  The program that has been dubbed, “PC Frienly”… a self-extracting media player that has been “specially designed” for windows that will allow you to play the film but prevent you from copying it.  Sounds fairly reasonable, right?

Only problem… Windows Vista blocks self-extracting software as a security measure.  Translation: if it comes with “PC Friendly”, your brand new Vista computer can’t read it and there is no way around the “PC Friendly” program, thus not only causing Vista to crash, but also rendering your DVD equipped with “PC Friendly” software complteley unusable to your PC.  What happens when an unstoppable force meets and immovable object?  FAIL.



~ by xristosdomini on April 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “PC (Un)Friendly…”

  1. Oh dear… Kinda makes me wish I could afford a Mac.

  2. lol, it’s not exactly a Mac/PC thing. I’m thinking this is more of a competing priorities issue. Do we want our convenience or our money?

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