In Hindsight.

I’m back like Disco!  Uh… or something like that.  Anyway.  I’m back from Colombia, and I’m sure that I will have a number of stories to talk about in the coming weeks.  However, that is going to require that I be able to think and recollect the thoughts from the blur that has been the last two weeks.  Since those two things are relatively low on my list of things to do during re-entry to America, it will have to wait for now.  But, since I’m not a fan of leaving people with huge cliffhangers, I’ll give you a brief overview of some of the major things I learned while out of the country.

  1. God loves the church and God loves Justice.  More specifically, God loves when the Church does Justice.
  2. Unless it includes the Gospel, the Social Justice movement is in no way actually social justice.
  3. Being a North American is “cool”.
  4. God is bigger than Michael Jackson (PTL).
  5. Always fart in a well-ventilated room… as opposed to a tomb of a classroom.

All of these points have stories that go with them.  Some of those stories are happy and some are not as much.  Rest assured that these two weeks have done a lot to change my attitude towards many things, and I’m sure that I will find much to talk about in the next couple of weeks.  Thanks for checking in again!



~ by xristosdomini on July 18, 2009.

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