It isn’t that bad…

I know this is kind of beating a horse into the ground to talk about this again, but whatever.  I now have 100% proof positive that our various crises are not really that bad.  For all the political huff-and-guff related to the economy and the healthcare “reform” bill, Washington just doesn’t care that much because it really isn’t that bad. 

As most of us remember, back in September of 2008 the credit market blew up.  As discussed in the last post, there was a lot of hollering about how this was the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression that turns out now to be a bunch of hogwash.  BUT!  In February of 2009, the International Humanist Society Olympic Comittee declared that Chicago had made it into the finals to be considered for the 2016 Summer Olympic games.  When asked about it, President Obama declared that he would not be making an appearance before the IOC to make a sales pitch for the games, because the economy and the healthcare debate required his undivided attention to prevent the collapse of the entire American Society.  Well that bleeding heart story lasted all of about seven months…

In the time since, we have discovered that America is not really headed towards financial Armageddon (yet) and that THE PRECIOUS the Healthcare bill is actually an unpopular idea amongst the American electorate.  So guess what?  Barack Obama is headed to Geneva on Air Force One to make a personalized pitch to the IOC on Thursday in an attempt to bring the 2016 Olympics to his adopted home of Chicago.  You know, considering that every city to host the Olympics since the 1986 Los Angeles games has lost their shirts because of the Olympics, it would seem like a bad idea to be trying to pitch a city that is fighting through “the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression” as a potential host city.  Suppose Chicago wins…  Chicago is going to be hiking taxes across the board to be able to build these multi-million dollar facilities (to house the atheletes and their various sports) that will then fall into massive disrepair after the games are over in two weeks.  Just ask Athens…

So what do we consider now?  Hosting the Olympics right now would be massively irresponsible, financially speaking, and yet would be massively politically popular.  Amazing how often those two propositions appear together, isn’t it?  By going to meet the IOC, the President gives himself a chance to flex his bulging International persona (provided his head allows him to get through the door at all), while distancing himself from what has become a very nasty political swirl (the centers around a very crappy idea) and giving his “hometown” politicians a chance to boost their taxes to unimaginable heights.  Sounds like the perfect liberal agenda to me.

After all is said and done, it seems to this commentator that (A) the economy isn’t that bad if the President can use taxpayer dollars to jet to Geneva for 24 hours to make a pitch for one of the most expensive propositions in the world and (B) the proposed “Healthcare Reform” isn’t needed as desperately as we have been told that it is.  Chalk this up under yet another way that the Washington Elysium are trying to stick it to the people who elected them.



~ by xristosdomini on September 30, 2009.

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