To the Pro-Lifers (An Internal Memo)

While it is not required to be pro-life to read the following message, it will be far more relevant to you if you are.  While there are very sincere Christians that are “pro-choice” (as remarkable as that sounds), this message is intended mostly for those of the church and the more politically conservative among us who are pro-life.  Since I assume people in both camps read this blog or stumble across it, this becomes a very necessary post. 

Good day to you:

I hope this message find you well, and that you will find success in your endeavors to undermine the political foundation of abortion in your respective states.  As a politically conscious individual and fellow pro-lifer, I am writing this message to you in hopes that the issue addressed within will be irrelevant to you.  If, however, this letter comes as a surprise to you, I hope that you will hear it in the spirit that it is offered.

It seems that in large part, the church has lost its identity in the fight over abortion and other various social issues.  I understand the need for legislative morality, and like any red-blooded, patriotic, conservative American, I have a desire to see America return to the moral foundations upon which it was birthed.  However, it is in the fight for the return to these values that the church in America has lost its identity as the church.  As necessary as the fight for righteousness is, the loss of identity is just as egregious, if not more.  So what identity has the church lost?

The church was founded on the premise of safeguarding the revelation of God in the person of Jesus Christ, unto the salvation of Israel and the return of Jesus to the earth.  Israel was originally selected to lead the nations to God in response to man’s sin in the Garden.  When Israel broke the covenant of God, God sent His own Son to the earth to call a people that would lead Israel back to their mandate.  To say it another way, the church is designed to be the light to the light of the nations.  As Israel wandered astray from the law and revelation of God when they acheived prosperity, it seems that the church has the exact same and is in danger of dropping the ball entirely.  While many of us will stand and say that the Nations should not pressure Israel to give up their land to the muslims, or that abortion should end, or that gay-marriage shouldn’t be legal, much of the church in the west can’t give a logical defense of the divinity of Christ or an accurate protrayal of why the Cross is not actually in conflict with Old Testament Eschatology.  The church has betrayed the doctrine of orthodoxy for the sake of political stances that, while noble, are not the primary concern of Scripture.

The problem is that all of the political stances are necessary, if they are done for the right reasons.  For our specific context, I will focus on the Pro-Life movement.  The question to be asked is why the pro-life movement is important and necessary.  Some would point to prophetic messages declaring judgment for the guilt of bloodshed.  However, I dare say that there is more to it than just that.  In the United States, we watch movies of actors pretending to be killed in odd ways.  On the other hand, in the Roman Empire, they would fill the Colliseum to watch real men slaughter each other and be fed to animals…  I dare say we have not reached that point yet.  So why the Pro-life movement?

The answer?  Christology.  Think about this… when Moses was being born, Pharoah had passed a law that the Hebrew slaves were to kill all of their newborn boys.  Moses’ mother, being a bit of a feisty one, decided to float the kid down the river, thus saving his life, defying the law, and sealing the deliverance of Israel all in one shot.  Flash forward 1500 years and you come to the time of Jesus being born.  The Son of God comes down from Heaven to save all of humanity, and immediately after being born has his life threatened by the Mandatory Infanticide of Herod the “Great”.  Once again, we see a law that is encouraging the destruction of a generation, and we have to consider that there is a pattern developing.

If we believe that we are in the end-times (and thus in the time of another deliverer), the pro-life movement is about more than saving innocent lives.  It is about fulfilling the apostolic role of the church to call forth the next generation that will ultimately herald the return of Christ.  Without this forward-looking view of Eschatological Christology, the pro-life movement becomes relegated to the place of merely trying to stop people from killing each other so that we can evolve into a utopian society where the circle of life is not hindered by man’s stupidity.  Without a Christological foundation, the pro-life movement is little more than humanism wearing a cloak of morality.  As a dedicated pro-life voter, I tell you that you are empowered to stand outside of clinics with red duct tape over your mouth until your knees give way… but unless you are doing it with an understanding of why, you will accomplish little other than making your feet sore.

If you want to see abortion end, lean into the place of prayer and the study of Christology.  It is the understanding of the person and work of Christ that gives meaning to the protests, petitions, and the bills… without that understanding, we are no better than the atheist who wants to see people “be nicer to each other”.  How much more effort will we put into our protests if we understand that we are calling forth tomorrow’s apostles, prophets, and forerunners?  How much more weight will our words carry if they are tinged with the expectation that that unborn baby is going to be responsible for the return of Christ?  At the end of the age, the Spirit and the Bride will cry come… but the Bride must first cry for her children.

Grace and Peace to you, dear reader.  May God bless your efforts and hear your prayers.  Even so, come Lord Jesus.



~ by xristosdomini on October 28, 2009.

One Response to “To the Pro-Lifers (An Internal Memo)”

  1. Good.

    It is so easy to be distracted by the effort and struggle in “works of righteousness prepared for us from the beginning” that we lose focus on the ultimate why: Jesus and His kingdom come.

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