Environmentalism has an Antichrist Spirit!

I’m going to begin with the massive caveat that I am not against responsible protection of the environment.  No matter what else I may say in this post, humanity does have a charge to steward his home properly.  That being said, I can’t overlook what modern environmentalism is saying about the place of humanity.   

Sure, if an animal is endangered, let’s agree not to kill it for a while.  However, where is the rationale when a farmer in Colorado can’t build a cabin on his mountainside property because of a single endangered owl that lives somewhere on the mountains?  Sure, let’s try to cut our emissions of industrial gasses.  However, we cannot do so in a way that makes it impossible to attain to wealth for the impoverished… that is injustice.  While there are many talking points that can be had, I want to talk about the theological specifics of what is going on.

Firstly, most of the hardcore environmentalists (think Sierra Club, World Wildlife Foundation, Greenpeace, etc.) seem to have this idea that the world would be better off if humanity just wasn’t here.  While this idea has some minimal amount of merit (if we hadn’t been here, we wouldn’t have sinned), it is a dangerous philosophy.  As I discussed a little bit in my recent series on Genesis 1-3, humanity is the crowning achievement of creation—not because we were last, but because we are the only thing made in God’s image.  Pursuant to this, creation was put in subjection to man’s leadership.  What that means is that creation was put here for mankind.  If we believe this, we will have a natural understanding of needing to care for the environment due to the necessity of our need for a habitat and the burden of leadership.  In a framework such as the environmentalists have created, however, mankind lives at the mercy of nature rather than being the steward of it.  This inversion of order by the environmentalist leads to many moral inequities.

Consider—if humanity is nothing more than an unsustainable drain on natural resources, he should be eradicated for the sake of the other living beings on this planet.  Under such a mindset, population controls such as euthanasia, compulsory abortion and, in the ultra extreme, cannibalism are not only morally acceptable, but are also moral necessities.  While I don’t think many members of the Sierra Club would actually advocate the shooting of orphans and the homeless (though it wouldn’t surprise me), Euthanasia, forced abortions and assisted suicide seem to be very popular amongst the hardcore environmentalism crowd.  Want to know where you can see the beginning of the slope into these thought patterns?  Answer: the global warming panic.

Ask yourself this… of everything that they could decide was wrong with industrialization, why did they decide the vilest and, coincidentally, the easiest to measure pollutant was CO2?  Shouldn’t it hit us as odd that the biggest pollutant and most egregious thing being done to the environment by industry according to Al Gore and the world’s federal governments is emitting the very gas that humans breathe?  The answer is that modern environmentalism is motivated not by a Christocentric responsibility for leadership, but rather by a divinization of nature itself.  In a world where transgressing the law of God is applauded as breaking traditionalism, transgression against the will of nature is sneered upon as heathenish anathema.  “You still drive that car?”  “What do you mean you still use incandescent bulbs?!”  “Of course solar energy should be mandatory for powering your home!”

Every time you hear someone blaming global warming on humanity, you should realize that the implication is that the world we be just fine if it weren’t for the dumb humans screwing the planet.  This thought pattern is revealed by people saying that the hurricanes, typhoons and droughts are nature’s revenge on the human race.  “Katrina was the fault of the humanity!”  They really think the world would be better without humanity here.  This is the spirit of Antichrist attacking the image of God, just like Satan is doing day and night before the throne of God. (Rev 12:10)  If anything, this is the same war that has been fought since the Garden of Eden.  With Satan wanting to be like God (Is 14:12-15) and then seeing those made in God’s image at creation, the war has been on between the offspring of the woman and the offspring of the serpent (Gen 3:15) ever since.  Just as it was God’s desire for humanity that drove Jesus to the Cross, it is the loathing of humanity that drives Satan to see humanity destroyed, culminating with the ascendency and reign of the Antichrist.

For Christians who find themselves involved with groups that espouse this kind of worldview, I have a very simple bit of advice; global warming cannot be the end of humanity.  How do I know?  I’ve read my Bible.  Not only is the environment going to be completely renovated by Jesus during the millennial kingdom, but I already know how the world is going to end.  Rather than being tossed to and fro by the whims of science (which was all atwitter about global cooling a mere 30 years ago), try getting into the Bible.  Activism could learn a thing or two from the Bible about what is really worth freaking out about.



~ by xristosdomini on June 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Environmentalism has an Antichrist Spirit!”

  1. Interesting comment on the CO2. I hadn’t thought of that… Now you made me think!

  2. Hehe, I’ve been known to do such things. It should stick out as strange that the pop-science environmentalists aren’t harping on carbon monoxide (which is toxic to almost all living forms and is produced by some industrial processes), particulate emissions, methane, or even the amount of land that the average industrial complex takes up, but rather on the gas that they themselves produce in abundance every day. The real problem is that if humanity goes to producing NO carbon dioxide, the plants will die from a lack of carbon intake. Conversely, if all the plants stop producing oxygen (O2) then humanity will die from an excessive build up of carbon in the body. With oxygen being a messenger service to bring carbon to plants from humans (kind of like the UPS of the natural world), it seems very short-sighted to attempt to minimize all production of CO2. Yet that isn’t even looking into any kind of subconscious hatred of humankind.

    On the tail end of it, you have to wonder why this gas is so egregious to the environmentalist. It isn’t like the plants are going to complain about an excess amount of carbon in the atmosphere. If you really want to eliminate your “carbon footprint”, you would have to stop breathing altogether. This is why I think that much of modern environmentalism is actually based on hatred of the friendly neighborhood “Homo Sapien” (or “homo erectus” if you happen to live next to a frat house) rather than an actual desire to conserve the natural world.

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