Why Arizona has it Right…

Today, CNN has made the best case yet for why it is imperative that the local government be able to ascertain the legality of someone’s entry to the United States… and they weren’t even trying…

New York Mexicans under assualt

Now, for sure, I have a massive amount of sympathy for both the victims of the attacks and the fear that is now running rampant in the NYC Hispanic population.  That being said, there are a lot of talking points in this article that need to be highlighted and probably screamed from housetops until somebody realizes what is going on…

1.  Shouldn’t you know who is a victim of what?

If you read the entire CNN article, it should become clear that the lack of clarity on the immigration issue is (A) hindering the police force from taking any real definitive action and (B) is causing at least some of the violence that Make the Road New York was marching against.  Why do I say that?

“The victims might be undocumented and could be seen as competitors for scarce jobs, said Edward Josey, president of the Staten Island NAACP.”

Now, brushing aside for the moment that the president of the Staten Island NAACP is in quite a pickle because all but one of the people described as attackers are black, we have to notice that nobody is really sure why the Mexicans in New York are getting beat up on their way to work.  Later in the same article, the president of Hispanics Across America is talking about how some of these are probably nothing more than just robberies.  Aside from the really weak reason as to why this may “just be robbery”, nobody is really sure why these guys are getting beat up because nobody has any idea who the victims really are.  Yeah, there is a body in the hospital getting patched back together again, but no one has a clue who that person is.  Under those circumstances, illegal immigrants need to be moved back to Mexico for their own safety and to prevent an international incident… to say the least.  The only thing I can say for this definitively is that we need to put some grease on the gears of immigration reform because people are actually getting hurt while we sit on our collective duff arguing about it.

2. This is a self-inflicted problem.

In a tough economy (which is largely of the DNC’s own design anyway), those who are most likely to be okay being exploited are the first to get jobs.  Just like how prostitution is a recession-proof occupation, not having an option to complain when you get paid $2.50/hr is a great way to make sure you stay in a job.  Because of a lax view on immigration over the last 20 or so odd years, we have been inundated with people who will get paid way less for twice the work.  In that sense, Edward Josey is absolutely correct… they are competition for scarce jobs… and if Capitalism has taught us anything, it is that the lowest price equals the greatest popularity.  Supposing that these punks in NYC are trying to target undocumented workers illegal immigrants, of course they are going to attack Mexicans.  If you want economic-related violence against illegal immigrants to go away, the far easier option is to actually take care of getting the illegal immigrants back to Mexico where they have a legal standing.

3. New York is a really long way from Arizona…

The quote from the protester at the end of the article is absolutely priceless… so much so that I am going to regurgitate it here…

“Violence in the form of hate crimes and violence in the form of policy are not part of who we are. Our country is not one that decides that some people are better than others, and the Arizona law wanted to make that the law of the land in Staten Island…”– Ana Maria Archila

First off, Arizona making a law saying that they can double-check a person’s immigration status if they have reason to believe someone is “undocumented” has no direct consequences for Staten Island.  While I would love to mutter “Geography FAIL” and move on, there is far more to be said here.  For example, I didn’t realize that showing proof of legal entry to a country constituted violence in the form of policy.  If I had to take a wild guess, Ana Archila has not read the law she was protesting.  The law does not read “show your passport at every security checkpoint or we throw you in the gulag.”  It does not read “have you R-1 visa handy or we will throw you to a pack of rabid Hispanic Haters”.  But that is beside the main point that I have to make… the idea of one person being “better” than another.

It is true, our country is officially out of the business of judging one group of people as being better than another after a very rich 200 year history of doing exactly that.  However, that is beside the point because there is a fundamental difference between the US Government declaring black people 3/5’s human in 1770 and simply saying that someone has no legal standing because they didn’t sign up to enter the country legally.  The law allows for illegal immigrants to be fully human and just as valuable as any other individual… just like it does for murderers, extortionists, Mafioso, thieves or any other person who breaks the law.  The division of people into better classes because of legal standing is not actually a fault of the law, but rather in the mentality of the people yelling about the law.  Being in America has not (yet) been added to the UN’s list of basic human rights, and I have never seen a document by the founding fathers saying that we had a nation that belonged to the whole world.  Based on what God did to Tyre when they were viewed as the world’s nation, we don’t want that tag anyway.

In fact, in the modern prop the closest the US Government has come to actually leveraging the power of the law to declare a group of people as “less than human” is Roe v. Wade… and while that is dancing on thin ice, it is a completely different topic.

To close this out, it should be noted that people are actually being hurt by the government not tightening the border security.  Phoenix is now the kidnapping capital of the nation.  Ranchers on the border in Texas are getting attacked by drug smugglers.  Police officers are being killed by people crossing the border.  Drugs are pouring into San Diego at dizzying paces.  Now, those of Mexican descent are being attacked in urban areas because they are associated with illegal immigration by race.  In view of all of this, what was our wonderful federal government’s response?  800 national guardsmen (the majority of whom are desk jockeys, apparently) to help patrol the Arizona border and 700 more to help secure the borders of California, New Mexico and Texas… Arithmetic FAIL.  GRRRR!



~ by xristosdomini on July 29, 2010.

4 Responses to “Why Arizona has it Right…”

  1. on the up side, we have really great cheap taco stands and horchata here in AZ. on the up side. a tanking economy, being hated by the rest of the nation, and legitimately fearing for your life sometimes… but, have you ever TASTED horchata?

    next thing you know, someone will cry racism for being asked for their ticket while riding a train. . . whatever happened to “trespassers will be shot,” or at very minimum “trespassers will be prosecuted.”

  2. Quite simply, go to Texas… 😉

  3. but i just ESCAPED texas o.o

  4. Yeah… but they shoot trespassers down there… so be glad you got away, I guess.

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