Revelation Overview.

As a curtesy to all of my regular readers, I thought I might give you a resource that will help you if you decide to come to IHOP-KC in the next couple of weeks.  Basically, the leadership here is getting a burden to spread the message of the End of the Age with a specific focus on the Book of Revelation.  To make this information accessible, Mike went through and identified four major divisions of the book, and five seperate sections that answer the “How” and the “why” of the fourth division.  As wonderful as all of this sounds, I have heard a couple of people that have had difficulty locating this information.  To that end, I am going to compile the information here for the curious.  It really makes the Book of Revelation as un-intimidating as possible, and gives you a quick jumping-off guide for how to explain the book to someone else.  So here is the grand exercise…

Division 1) John’s commission (Revelation 1)

Division 2) The Letters of Christ to the churches (Rev 2 and 3)

Division 3) Jesus takes the scroll (Rev 4 and 5)

Division 4) The Battle Plan to restore the Earth (Rev 6-22)

                Section 4-1) Chronology: the Seals (Rev 6:1-17)
                                  Angelic Explanation:  Those who are of God will be protected from the judgments. (Keyword: Protection) (Rev 7:1- 8:5)
                Section 4-2) Chronology: The Trumpets (Rev 8:6-9:21)
                                  Angelic Explanation: God will give an increase of prophetic direction to the church (Keyword: Direction) (Rev 10:1- 11:14)
                Section 4-3) Chronology: The Second Coming (Rev 11:15-19)
                                   Angelic Explanation: This is the culmination of a confrontation between the kingdoms of this world and the Kingdom of God (Keyword: Confrontation) (Rev 12:1- 14:20)
                Section 4-4) Chronology: The Bowls (Rev 15:1-16:21)
                                   Angelic Explanation: The Bowls will be poured out because of the seduction of the Great Harlot and all her trappings (Keyword: Seduction) (Rev 17:1-19:10)
                Section 4-5) Chronology: The 2nd Triumphal Entry (Rev 19:11-20:15)
                                    Angelic Explanation: Jesus will bring justice and restore the earth (Keyword: Restoration) (Rev 21:1-22:21)

DISCLAIMER:  The above listing is a brief overview of the Book of the Revelation of Jesus Christ and is not intended to be highly detailed or “in-depth”.  If there are departures from the general theme within a certain section, it happens… this list is an overview only.

Author’s Addendum:  My rendition of this list might differ a little bit from Mike’s because I was doing this from memory and a Bible.  That being said, his divisions are probably not in the exact same place that I put them.  I will try to find a link to the original and post it here.



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