From the Other Side of the Board.

Okay, I’m approved to run sound (for those who knew I was trying to be), and I officially got to “fly solo” for the first time tonight.  It wasn’t planned, it wasn’t scripted, but it was a hecka lot of fun.  If anybody want’s to check out the result, check out the 2AM from this morning (Friday morning) on the webcast.  Oh, and I have discovered that I have a new best friend… stereo delay. 

 Jill Marsh (who has an amazing team, to be noted) at one point had divided the eight vocals into three groups to sing a chorus… after I added the stereo delay, they went from three parts to six.  To tell the story in a way that might make sense, Jill starts singing an echo of her own echo, Ben is suddenly singing a harmony with himself, and Sarah has her own little doo-wop group going.  Towards the end of the set, the team went into a vocal interlude… I added a touch of delay on the vocals… instead of having eight vocals, we had an entire choir coming off the stage.  I was so proud of myself…  Apparently it was obvious, because when we went back into debrief, Elizabeth Hahn asked “So how did it sound out in the room?  Because I look back in the sound booth and you are grinning from ear to ear…”  Yes, I was happy with my accomplishments.  At least it sounded cool, right?



~ by xristosdomini on September 28, 2007.

One Response to “From the Other Side of the Board.”

  1. That is sooooo cool.

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