Peripheral Changes to “The Beat Down”

There are a couple things I wanted to point out to my regular “viewers” that I have changed recently.  Although possibly inconsequential to some, I feel that these changes have enhanced the leveraging of my space to the utmost facilitation.  Translation: I like it more.

Because this is somewhat dorky to be calling attention to this stuff, I’ll make it quick.  On the top of your sidebar are all of the individual pages I have written that won’t be in the listing of blog posts.  Here you can find out what the inspiration is for The Beat Down, a little about me, a place to leave general comments, and find out how you can keep The Beat Down comin’ at ya live from Kansas City, Missouri!  Underneath that, I have the links I have felt a need to put on my page for various reasons.  First is the blogroll… most of these are people that I know and enjoying seeing what they think.  Second is the “Curtesy Adds”… these are all the sites that I took pity on or felt some kind of pressure to add… these sites are “Read at your own risk” sites.  Underneath those are fun websites that I like, including a link to join my Facebook Ninja Army… a grand way to kill a little bit of time (no pun intended).  At the bottom of the links section are the “My Recommended Reading” sites.  These are places that I highly recommend as a place to visit for deep thoughts, doctrinal musings, political ramblings, and general webisode goodness.

After the links you can see who has posted what where most recently, and you can click directly over to that comment for a quick update on the ensuing argument from anything I have said.  The tag cloud needs no introduction… if you are a topical reader, that is your haven in the middle of my randomness.

 Enjoy exploring my blog!



~ by xristosdomini on February 17, 2008.

8 Responses to “Peripheral Changes to “The Beat Down””

  1. Oh come on. Pun intended. Own it. I liked it. 😀

  2. Hehe… actually, it was completely accidental. But I can own it if you like.

  3. Do you think you might have a “Courtesy Adds” section someday?
    {humble reader suggestion…}

  4. Uhm… I do… in the links on the sidebar, “Curtesy Adds” is one of the catagories…

  5. Uh, no, you have a “curtesy add’s” section. It has one too many apostrophes, and one too few “o”s, doesn’t it?

    I could be wrong, because you did inherit your spelling talents from me, without doubt.:oops:

  6. Maybe he means “curtsey” ads, because he’s so polite and demure.


  7. If he only holds the hem of his skirt with one hand, is it a half curtsey, or the whole deal? I was never sure…

  8. I think a single-hander is still a full curtsey. Although it might be more accurate to refer to it as a “semi-curtsey”. But I would have to consult a much better wordnerd than myself.

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